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INSTALL, LOGIN & PLAY -- Any trouble?

Your system must meet these minium requirements to install Ultima Online®.

  • Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/10 OS
  • 400 MHz Intel Pentium II CPU
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 2GB Free HDD space
  • DirectX 9.0 8MB GPU
  • DirectX 9.0 Sound Card
  • 56.6 Kbps Internet
Install Folder?

C:/Program Files/

  • Electronic Arts/Ultima Online/
  • EA Games/Ultima Online/

C:/Program Files (x86)/

  • Electronic Arts/Ultima Online/
  • EA Games/Ultima Online/
Patch Issues?

Sometimes you may encounter issues when patching, but it is rare.

Below is a short list of trouble-shooting steps that can help resolve your issue.

  • Make sure the installer is not open.
  • Make sure the client is not open.
  • Open the patcher using "Run As Administrator"
Still have issues?

1. Download Ultima

Click the image above to download the Ultima Online® Classic Client

When your download finishes, proceed to the next step.

2. Install Ultima

Install the Ultima Online® Classic Client by opening the file you downloaded in the first step.

When the client is installed, exit the installer.

Browse to the directory of your new client installation.

When you have found the directory, proceed to the next step.

3. Patch/Update Ultima

Patch the Ultima Online® Classic Client by opening the file named UOPatch.exe in the folder you Installed Ultima in the step before.

Let the patcher run until it finishes, it may take a few minutes, a coffee break is recommended.

When the patching is totally complete, click CANCEL to exit the patcher and proceed to the next step.

4. Download Helper

Pandora curently requires the use of a 3rd-party assistant application in order to allow the Ultima Online® client to connect.

We recommend using UOSteam or UOBuddy, see what works for you.

Download each one to try, when your download is complete, install it and proceed to the next step.

Download UOSteam

UOBuddy help
5. Configure Helper

Now that you have everything installed and ready, all that is left is to pepare your UOSteam to connect to our shard.

Launch UOSteam that you installed in the previous step.

If getting a missing MSVCR110.dll error. Quickly Download Visual C++ Here.

Make sure to always launch the helper with right clicking the icon and clicking Run as Administrator.

The options are fairly straight-forward, usually everything can be left as default, except the Shard IP and port.

Enter these details in the appropriate boxes;

  • Remove encryption
  • Ultima Online (Auto Detect) or point to your UO Install Folder
  • Shard:
  • Port: 2593

When you have filled in the necessary details, click START to launch the Ultima Online® client and proceed to the next step.

6. Login to Pandora

This is your last step towards joining our community and becomming a part of our exciting world.

You should see the Ultima Online® client log-in screen, prompting you for an Account Name and Password.

Decide which Account Name and Password you would like to use, make it unique and be sure they are easy to remember.

Your Account Name and password ares case-sensitive, so make sure you remember where you use capital letters!

When you are ready, hit the return key on your keyboard or click the flashing arrow to cross the threshold and begin your character creation!

Character Creation Help

Pandora offers a wide variety of features to suit all play-styles.

We are constantly updating the world, adding new content and correcting any issues.

We offer unique features and when we say unique, we mean it - you will see and do things in our world that you never thought was possible in Ultima Online®!

The mechanics in our world reflect balance, logic and physics in a way that brings a sense of immersion when playing.

We do not adhere to any specific era or flavour of the week point in the history of Ultima Online®, we are a world with a community that has the passion and drive to continue delivering new and exciting content all year round.

This page is not a complete list of all the features of our world, but we feel that they are the most important.


We support the latest Ultima Online® classic client and expansions, including Age of Shadows®, Samurai Empire®, Mondain's Legacy®, Stygian Abyss® and High Seas®.

Keeping up with the latest client updates is one of our top priorities, we like to make use of the new artwork, sounds, animations, etc. as soon as they become available.

We can guarantee at least 99% up-time for our services, if something goes wrong, our team will usually track down and correct the issue within an hour.


Our server is a fully dedicated machine located in Dallas, Texas, USA

Our services offer low pings, as low as 10ms!

Players in the US can benefit from a ping as low as 10ms, while the national average is 100ms and the global average is 200ms.

  • Windows Server®
  • 3.5GHz Intel® Xeon® CPU
  • 16GB ECC RAM
  • 1TB SATA-3 HDD
  • 1GB Internet Connection


Our staff are friendly, professional and dedicated.

We are here to provide you with an excellent service, from website development to answering pages in-game, we always try to make sure things run as smooth as possible.

Saff members are assigned to special ranks which are usually displayed on their character.


A Counselors' duty is to answer pages and give help and advice whenever possible.

Sr. Counselor

Senior Counselors are responsible for managing all lower ranks and also inherit their duties.


Game-Masters can manipulate the world and solve problems and host events, in addition to inheriting duties from lower ranks.

Sr. Game-Master

Senior Game-Masters are responsible for managing all lower ranks and also inherit their duties.


Seers oversee all lower ranks and are also responsible for promotion decisions within the lower ranks, as well as inheriting all duties.


The Administrator has almost complete control over the world and can solve most issues and handle technical support requests.
Administrators are also responsible for staff promotion within the lower ranks.


The Developer's task is to interact with the community on all levels and drive the technical development of our services to deliver content to meet the demand of the users.
Developers are trusted with complete access to critical services and functions, including the ability to manipulate the world.


The Owner, our King Konstantine, is the one responsible for the existence of Pandora, he pays the bills and has the final say in any situation.
The Owner is responsible for keeping in contact with all lower ranks, managing and delegating any necessary tasks.
The Owner is not required to perform in-game duties, but may host an event or interact with the community on occasions.


A Young Player Companion is a player who has volunteered to give help and advice to new citizens of Pandora.

If you see a companion and you have any questions, feel free to ask them and they will help you out!

Companions are not able to modify the world in any way and do not have access to pages.
If you require technical assistance, you should page for a staff member with a higher access.

Young Boost

As a new citizen of Pandora, you will be given the basic resources that you need to get started.

First Character

Your first character will receive these items when entering the world for the first time;

  • 50,000 Gold Coins
  • Ethereal Horse Mount
  • Pack Beetle and Llama
  • Semilasting Shrink Potion
  • Suit of 100% Lower Reagent Cost Armor
  • Deed to a New Citizen House
  • Imbuing Craft Kit
  • Misc. Utilities


Being social is an inevitable part of any MMORPG, we offer a range of services to help you connect with other players.

We try to encourage group participation in the world, there's no better way to make friends and enjoy your game-time than to be fighting for a single cause against a common enemy.

The staff of Pandora are quite sociable, we usually do not have player accounts for general playing but we will appear in the world from time to time to discuss pretty much anything with the community.
We love to stay up-to-date on hot topics in the community, so that we can help change the world for the better.
We also regularly answer pages and private messages and try to resolve your issues whenever possible.

Quite often you will find that a staff member has joined a guild, there is no favouratism behind this, we simply want to be a part of the comunity we help create and that means interacting with it on equal levels, plus you just can't beat the general banter of guild chat!


We offer a substantial in-game chat service that includes many channels.

There is also a private messaging service available for sending quick messages to any player in the world, including staff!

To chat with others in global chat, use the [C {message} command, where {message} is the text you want to say.
You can also use the [C command without a message to display your personal chat settings and other features and lists.

To send a private message to another player, use the [PM {name} command, where {name} is the name of the player you wish to message.
You can also use partial names to search for specific players.


Earn special titles to show off your triumphs in the world.

When you earn a title from doing a quest or special event, you can wear it on your name with pride.


We have themed holidays that coincide with traditional public holidays and offer unique, extra fun things to do.


Around Easter time, you will be able to find Easter Eggs dotted around major cities.
The Easter Eggs are a fun treat, they have a chance to explode as confetti or release cute little Easter Bunnies.
There are special vendors that sell unique decorations and other items too.


Halloween is one of our favourite holidays!

During Halloween, you will be able to collect Hallowed Tokens from special creatures that spawn in grave-yards all over the world.

You can spend the Hallowed Tokens on Hallowed Vendors to get unique decorations and other fun items, be aware, the vendors are only around until the end of Halloween!


Winter is coming!

During Winterfest, you will be able to collect Winterfest Tokens from special creatures that spawn in caves all over the world.

You can spend the Winterfest Tokens on Winterfest Vendors to get unique decorations and other fun items, be aware, the vendors are only around until the end of Winterfest!


From time-to-time, staff members will host events for the community, these events range from things like Hide And Seek and Monster Bash, to Tournaments and Endurance Combat.

Staff-hosted events usually happen at least once a week and are often planned in advance on the community forums.


It's rare, but sometimes a staff member will be lurking in the world with nothing to do.

Depending on how many playrs are currently playing, they may decide to spawn a random encounter.

This is when a staff member assesses the situation and deems it safe enough to spawn a creature at a key location in the world, for the citizens to fight.

A staff-invoked random encounter like this adds the element of surprise and also lets you know that we're still around.


There are a range of special currencies in our world, they are used to buy many things, from bandages, ammo and stink bombs to mount, houses and equipment.

Gold Coins

Gold is the global standard, you can get most necessities with Gold from vendors and players.
Gold is essential for buying properties and building houses.

Pandora Bucks

Pandora Bucks are the second global currency, they are obtained from donation rewards, or from other players.
Pandora Bucks allow you to buy unique things from special vendors in the Donation House.

Pandora Coins

Found in loot by killing various monsters around the world, these coins allow you to buy unique artifacts and items related to Pandora's legacy.

Oceanic Coins

As part of the High seas® expansion promotion, you can obtain special Oceanic Coins which can be spent on special ocean-themed items.

PvP Coins

You can earn PvP Coins from field PvP and when participating in special PvP battles, they allow you to buy a range of PvP-related rewards from special vendors.


There are a few types of Tokens available, each can be spent on a uniquely themed vendor, they can be acquired by doing simple things like trashing items, attending battles or voting.


3 accounts per household.

If you require extra accounts, you will need to contact us.

If you own or operate an internet cafe, you can contact us to register your IP address for unlimited accounts.

Pandora staff will NEVER ask you for your password!


4 friendly facets to explore; Trammel, Malas, Tokuno and Ter Mur.

3 dangerous facets for the more adventurous heroes; Felucca, Ilshenar and Abyss.


3 Races; Humans, Elves and Gargoyles.

Each race has it's own racial bonuses that set them apart from each-other, some of them are listed below.


Humans are tough, they are able to regenerate health at a faster rate.
They are also great foragers and can gather extra resources from the world when using certain skills.


Elves are imbued with the power of Night-Sight, enabling them to see in the dark at any time without magical aide.
They also have an increased resistance to the element of energy, a result of their deep connection to magic.


Gargoyles have the unique ability of flight and are able to travel at mounted speed while flying.
They have a ferocious tendancy which gives them the benefit of a significant damage bonus during combat.


You are free to be anything and everything you want to be in our world.

There is no total skill cap here, you can achieve anything without having to switch characters.

You start with 3 skills of your choice at 75, but the real goal is achieving the maximum of 120.


Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence are each capped at 310.

You can have a maxium Stregth, Dexterity and Intelligence total of 335.


Also known as Enchanting, Imbuing is the art of modifying your equipment's fundamental properties in order to improve your chances of survival in the world.

We took that concept, along with the original functionality from Ultima Online® and expanded on its' role in the world.


You can craft Imbuing Runes for most of the available properties on any piece of equipment.
Each Imbuing Rune has a rating, which changes depending on the intensity of the property the Imbuing Rune holds.

Imbuing Runes store the property information for later use, allowing you to sell or trade them.

When applying a rune to a piece of equipment, the property can be added or upgraded.
In order to remove properties from equipment, you must use the Unravelling craft to craft unravelling runes.


As you imbue your equipment, your equipment rating will increase.
Your items' Rating is the sum of all of the items' property Ratings.
Your overall Equipment Rating is the sum of all of your currently equipped items' Ratings.

Your Equipment Rating directly reflets the power of your equipment and can be used to gauge how you will fair in a battle against an opponent.


There is a large variety of resources available for the different Imbuing Runes.

Almost all of the resources can be obtained as loot from creatures and is guaranteed in loot from most Champion and Peerless bosses.
Resources can also be recovered when using Unravelling Runes to remove properties from items.

Item Tiers

Your equipment has a Tier score, the Tier is like a level in a level system.
You gain Tier Experience by slaying creatures in the world and when you reach the required Tier Experience goal, your equipment gains a Tier.

Every time your equipment gains a Tier, it will also improve the affects of the Imbuing craft by giving you more Imbuing Rune Slots, etc.

Item Ranks

All equipment is assigned a special Rank based on various factors, including the Rating assigned by Imbuing.

These Ranks represent power and change the color of the items' name to reflect it.

  1. Artefact
  2. Legendary
  3. Epic
  4. Rare
  5. Uncommon
  6. Common


We have a unique vehicles feature that offers multiple modes of transport for you and your friends.

All available vehicles move smoothly in transit, that is of course, unless they're destroyed by an attack!
Some vehicles travel on water, some travel on land and some even fly!


Set sail on the boats and galleons and take to the water for an adventure on the High Seas®.

There are a wide range of boats available, from the tiny row-boat to the large galleons.


If you're feeling sea-sick, you can always take to the roads and countryside in an all-terrain vehicle.


Hit a bump in the road and need to get off the ground?
Catch a ride in a flying vehicle to get you where you need to be!


The classic Moongates of Ultima Online® have been replaced with our own instant transmission service.

The travel menu is categorized and offers a large selection of destinations to explore!

Rune Codex

The Rune Codex allows you to add an impossible amount of marked destinations to one book, sorting them by category.

You can currently store up to 10,000 different destinations in the Rune Codex, which functions a lot like a Rune Book.
It uses a unique, intuitive interface to help you manage the display information for each location.


Whether you're looking for casual or intense Player vs Player action, our friendly battle service will deliver.

If you don't feel like participating, each battle has a spectator area that allows any one to look on as the battle takes place.

Our PvP battle service provides multiple scenarios with different goals, tactics and themes.

These battles allow you to queue up with other players in multiple teams.

There is no death in these battles, which means you can participate without worrying about being looted!
Preventing death also allows us to get you straight back in to the action after a short respawn delay.
It also allows you to take anything in to the battle, we don't strip you of your equipment or hand out special armor and weapons to make things even.

We believe that artifically altering the abilities and power of players in order to even the playing field is unfair, no one should be punished for spending time working for their top-tier equipment.
By managing your own equipment in these battles, you will always have a goal to improve your equipment and skills to match your opponents.

You can participate in the action by using the [Battles command.

Season Ranks

There is a global leaderboard govorned by periods of time called seasons.

The duration of a season is usually 4 weeks (28 days) and at the end, rewards are given to the highest ranking participants on the leaderboard.
There are also rewards for runner-up ranks.


Whenever you participate in ranked battles, your statistics are tracked in your PvP profile, everything from wins and losses, deaths and resurrections, to damage done, healing received and points gained or lost.

Your PvP battle profile represents your rank on the global leader-board and can earn you special rewards at the end of each season.


Currently, there are 3 main battle scenarios, but there are many adaptions of them implemented in the battle service.

Free For All

The Free For All (FFA) offers participants a no-holds-barred battle to the end, where the last participant left alive is declared the winner.

In some scenarios, the last two participants may trigger sudden-death mode, which will bombard the battle arena with devastating weather effects, dealing enough damage to turn up the heat!

Team Vs Team

Team Vs Team (TvT) battle scenarios can range from 1v1 duels, 2v2 skirmishes and even 10v10v10!
In fact, there are so many possible combinations that can be done with a TvT scenario, that we will never run out of potential combinations.
We can assign up to 2.4 billion separate teams to any battle and each team can have a different maximum capacity, meaning even handicap battles are possible.
Teams can also be allied, meaning they have to work together to achieve an end goal.

The winner of a TvT is usually decided by the last team left alive, though there are many other ways to decide the outcome.

Capture The Flag

Capture The flag (CTF) is a special variant of the TvT scenario in which multiple teams compete to, you guessed it, capture a flag.

CTF battles can often be intense, they require focus and special tactics, you have to think outside the box.

The winner of a CTF is usually decided by the team that reaches the maximum capture goal set out by the battle.


There is a ranked PvP tournament every hour.

The tournament features a last-man-standing scenario with tournament-style staged elimination.

To join the tournament, simply use the [DailyPvP comand when the tornament is announced in global chat.


You can challenge other players at any time in a specially-designed duelling area.

All you have to do is first ask them if they'd like to duel, then initiate the duel by using the [Duel command.


We offer fully-spawned, challenging dungeon scenarios suitable for all play-styles.


You will find many dungeons throughout the world of Pandora.
From the feeble advances of shuffling Zombies, up to the hoards of the Abyssal Legion, many challenges await in those dark caves.


If the world dungeons don't satify your lust for a challenge, try taking on one of the world Champions!

You will need to prepare to prove yourself worthy before a champion will show itself and fight you, this usually means having to fend off hoards of their minions, good luck!


Peerless bosses have no equal, they are unique and very dangerous.

Offering great rewards, heroes often find themseves locked in combat with a creature so dangerous, it could be the end if they make one wrong move!
Group therapy is strongly recommended.


There are elites roaming the world, creatures of extraordinary powers in comparison to their counter-parts.

Elites offer better loot in general, but are quite hard to find.


Sometimes even evil bosses like to take a vacation, it just so happens that in Pandora, their vacation consists of leaving their dungeon to destroy the world!

Upon the rare chance that you encounter a world boss, you'd better be prepared to fight or flight, because things could get ugly.


We offer a wide range of standard, unique and customizable houses, each with unique features.

You can place up to 10 houses per account.


All houses can be assigned to a special category by the house owner once every 7 days.

Each available category; Residential, Industrial, Commercial and Military offer different benefits.

Residential properties are the practical choice for any casual player, offering a wider variety of bonuses at a reduced amount.

Industrial properties are best suited to crafters, offering a decent storage bonus and a bonus to all crafting skills.

Commercial properties are perfect for the budding sales-person up to the multi-million-gold merchant, offering a large storage bonus and significantly reduced vendor cost.

Military properties are ideal for setting up an offensive or defensive position, offering a bonus to all combat skills, stats and resistances.


Yes, you can paint your house. Yes, the entire structure all at once, including the wall and floors!

Painting your house is easy, all you need is a Tub of House Paint and a house.

The Tubs of House Paint can be found in many places in the world, you may find them in the loot of some creatures too.
The Tubs of House Paint are also available from certain vendors, or can be traded with other players.

The tubs can be used any number of times, they never run out.
To paint your house, you can either double-click the Tub of House Paint and target the house sign, or you can place it on the floor inside your house and use the Paint House option in the house sign menu.


You can sell your house directly from the house sign menu at any price you wish.

When you put your house up for sale, you can make it available on the global housing market for others to buy.
They can also purchase your house directly by accessing the house sign.

When your house is sold, the ownership is transferred to the buyer and you will receive the payment in your bank box automatically.


House decay is a slow process in our world, when you refresh your house, you have 30 days before it begins standard decay.

If you do not refresh your house within 30 days, you will have another 7 days of standard decay to rescue it from being in danger of collapsing.


Standard houses are typically the cheaper option, they come pre-built and offer moderate storage space.
Category changes and house painting are allowed.
The "dark" version of these houses can not be painted.


Unique houses are structures that would not normally be available as houses, things like boats and the Minax Fortress.
Category changes and house painting are allowed.
The "dark" version of these houses can not be painted.


Build your own custom house from the foundation-up with hundreds of floor, wall and other decoration tiles to choose from!
Category changes are allowed, house painting is currently not available for custom houses.


There are literally hundreds of different decoration items available in the world.

They can be obtained from creature loot, vendors or special events and occasions.

As new artwork becomes available, we will implement it in a variety of ways, most often in the form of new decoration collectables.


You can cultivate plants in your house.
Starting with a seed and a bowl of dirt, nurture your seedling into a fully grown plant for decoration or harvesting purposes.

Some plants offer special benefits when harvested!


We would rather not have to set out any rules for our services, we know that everyone is capable of behaving maturely and responsibly.

It only takes one incident to spoil the fun for everyone, so we need to make it clear what we do and do not tolerate in our community.


When using any of the services provided by Pandora, you automatically agree to adhere to the rules set out on this page.

Pandora staff retain the right to modify or append any rules without prior notice or consent.


Harassment of any player in regards to gender, sexuality, religion, ethnic background or any other reason we deem unfit, will not not be tolerated.


If you find yourself in a situation that you do not want to be in, remove yourself from it as soon as possible.

Staff will not moderate disputes between players and/or guilds.


Use of the in-game paging, in-game chat, private messages, email, website, or public forums to repeatedly bring attention to something or someone may result in punishment.

If we are aware of a situation, or attention has already been paid to it, do not continue starting new topics about it.


Do not use any of our services (such as the game or the forums) to advertise, discuss, or coordinate the sale or purchase of game accounts or items for real life money.

If you choose to interact with someone on our services and give out personal information of any kind, you do so at your own risk.

Using our services to set up real-life meetings, or to advertise and sell real-life items is not allowed.

Advertising another competing service will result in a permanent service-wide ban on all of your accounts.


Do not use any kind of hack or exploit such as 'speed-hacks'.

We have multiple defenses in place that allow us to promptly detect when an exploit is being used.


Macroing can be used to perform tasks such as skill and stat training or resource gathering.

Do not use macros to gather Gold or other currencies or automate any reward process such as donation turn-ins.


Do not disrespect our staff, we treat you as you treat us, so it's good to keep that in mind.

Staff have the final say in any civil situation, their decision is final and you must acknowledge and understand why the decision was made.

Do not become an enemy of young players, even if you are a notorious murderer.

It really helps the community as a whole to avoid upsetting young players, give them space to grow, then find them again when they're more of a challenge to you.


All donations are final and are not subject to refund as they are considered a gift, not a purchase.

Pandora Bucks can be freely traded with others, but they can not be traded back to staff for refunds.

Purchases made on Donation Vendors using Pandora Bucks can only be refunded in special circumstances and the refund will we given in Pandora Bucks.

Why Vote?

Voting for our server increases our exposure to would-be players looking for a new home.

Every time you vote, it counts, it makes a big difference.

With increased exposure, our community will grow and that means more players for you to interact with on our services.

Voting only takes a minute or two and we really appreciate your time!


Voting from in-game yields special tokens known as Vote Tokens.

Vote Tokens can be used to purchase unique rewards from vendors.

You can vote in-game by using the [Vote command.

You don't earn Vote Tokens by clicking the links on this page, but it still counts and we still appreciate it!

Arena 100
mmTOP 200
Xtreme 100
GTop 100