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Welcome to the Pandora Wiki page.
This is a database of information about the Ultima Online shard of Pandora.


Server Basics
Client Versions:
Port: 2593

Current Patch Status
Mythic Client Version: (always the latest)

The Wiki is always changing, and is edited and ran by our community. Check back often!

If you feel that something should be added to it please email
Or you can contact Mal,Flint, or Tazi on the forums or on Pandora's Discord if you feel staff is not required

If you notice any major bugs or glitches in game Check Bug Tracker. If it is not there and seems to be one of a kinda please email with the details otherwise start a new thread as they are checked regularly. Vorspire is very busy updating the
server and getting the next publish ready for you to enjoy

Currently we are looking for trusted players who have been on Pandora for some time to help add to this database. You will earn Pandora Bucks in game for your contribution. If interested please email

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Page last modified on November 18, 2016, at 04:32 PM