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Pandora Oceanic Coins

This is a new decoration series called the "Oceanic Series" you buy these items with 'Pandora Oceanic Coins' which you get by turning in 'Big Fish' from fishing.

You can access the Oceanic Coin Docs using any public moongate under Pandorian Settlements. Instead of double clicking stones to buy items we have green fish you double click seen below.

There are also Sea Monsters on Pandora that will drop Oceanic Coins.

  • Scalis the Enforcer
  • Corgul the Soulbinder
  • Sea Spider
  • Southern Dolphin
  • Poseidon
  • Poseidon's Limbs
  • Kraken
  • 1 Big Fish = 1 Oceanic Coin.

Updated notes on Oceanic Coins

We will keep adding and improving rewards given, much like the Pandora Coins.

  • Fishing powerscrolls will now drop on champ spawns.
  • Use the moongate >> Pandora >> Oceanic to access the Fish exchange and the store.

We will be adding more non deco stuff as we go.

Items bought with Oceanic Coins

Oceanic Fish Vendor (West Fish)
ItemOceanic Coin Cost
Oceanic Arcanist Statue50
Oceanic Banner50
Oceanic Beetle50
Oceanic Blood50
Oceanic Boards50
Oceanic Bricks50
Oceanic Broken Soul Stone75
Oceanic Candle60
Oceanic Corpse100
Oceanic Crest120
Dragon Head East100
Dragon Head South100
Ocean Energy Field East120
Ocean Energy Field South120
Ocean Flask50
Oceanic Floor (ice blue)50
Globe of Sosaria150
Ocean Hanging Swords East100
Ocean Hanging Swords South100
Oceanic Hops50
Page 2
Oceanic Fishing Pole2
Oceanic Knight Statue250
Oceanic Hanging Leather Arms100
Oceanic Hanging Leather Leggings120
Oceanic Hanging Leather Tunic125
Oceanic Light China75
Oceanic Stacked Logs150
Oceanic Elemental Statue75
Oceanic Mummy150
Oceanic Poppy Mushroom150
Oceanic Spotted Mushroom150
Oceanic Pillar75
Oceanic Raw Fish2
Oceanic Large Rock150
Oceanic Small Rocks150
Oceanic Roses5
Oceanic Hanging Shield South150
Oceanic Hanging Shield East150
Oceanic Cat Statue100
Oceanic Fish Vendor (East Fish)
Oceanic Studded Hanging Tunic125
Oceanic Studded Hanging Arms100
Oceanic Studded Hanging Legs120
Oceanic Symbol500
Oceanic UO Symbol200
Oceanic Wall East120
Oceanic Wall South120
Oceanic Grass40
Oceanic Sandals ( wearable )17,000
Robe of the Sea ( wearable )14,000
a Water Quiver of the Sea Horse ( wearable )3000
Gargish Water Robe ( wearable )100
Dolphin Rug - East300
Dolphin Rug - South300
Davies Locker - Stores Maps1500
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Page last modified on February 28, 2015, at 07:34 AM