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Imbuing on Pandora is definitely the best way to gear up. You can pay someone a modest fee to imbue items with your materials, you can spend huge sums of gold to buy your gear, OR you can hop right in and start imbuing for yourself. This will cover the basics of imbuing items, and farming the materials yourself. The skill Imbuing (found under "Magic" in your skills) makes you able to enhance items your character can use and is wearing. These items are Armor, Weapons, Clothing, Talismans, Quivers, Spellbooks and Jewellery. The enhancements make it possible for you to increase your stats, for example Hitpoints, Mana or Intelligence and also the effectiveness of your weapons by adding effects on them, such as Hit Lightning, Hit Mana Leech and much more. There are specific requirements for Imbuing. These are a proper skill level (raise it by Unraveling or Imbuing) and specific items and materials you need.

Falada's Imbuing Calculator

With this Calculator you can plan your Imbuing, check how many and which materials you need. Self explaining. Download the file, unpack and start the program.

Where do I find Imbuing Materials?

Click below to find where to get all the Imbuing materials:

Required Items

To start Imbuing you need different Imbuing Materials. You can collect them by killing specific monsters (Minichamps, Champions, Peerless, several different monsters) or Unraveling. You will also need a Soul Forge and a Rune Chisel. The Soul Forge you need to imbue items. For that you doubleclick the skill Imbuing or a Soul Forge. You find several Soul Forges in Luna (Malas), in the Royal City (Ter Mur) at Britain's West Bank (Trammel) and at several other locations. Some players also use House Soul Forges. They give you a bonus on the Imbuing skill. Most of the players let those Soul Forges open for public use. You can buy a House Soul Forge in the Donation House (via Moongate). There you can also buy a Portable Soul Forge which will give you also a bonus and you can carry it in your backpack. The Rune Chisel you need for Unraveling. For both, Imbuing and Unraveling, you need Rough Stones. You can get them by Unraveling itself (see below), killing Minichamps, Champions, Peerless, several different monsters who drop imbuing materials. In Felucca you can get Rough Stones by killing any monster. You might consider there is a drop rate, so not every monster will drop a Rough Stone! The best way to obtain Rough Stones in a fast way is to kill Champion Spawns. Every monster there has the chance to drop a Rough Stone. Another way to get Rough Stones is crafting them!

Soul Forges

There are some Soulforges available for use. The first Soulforge is located in Britain. Located right next to the west bank this forge has easy access to the bank, but does not give any bonus to your imbuing odds. The second Soulforge is located in the center of the Royal City. This is called the Royal City public forge. The third The Soulforge is Queen’s Soulforge. Located in the Royal City palace. this one gives you a 5% imbuing bonus. The fourth is the donation Soulforge. It can be carried in your backpack and gives you a 10% imbuing bonus.

Crafting Rough Stones

First of all you need two books to be able to mine Granite and craft Rough Stones out of it. The first book is called "Mining for Quality Stone". The second book is called "Making valuables with Stone Crafting". Read both books by doubleclicking them. You find both books in Ver Lor Reg (Ilshenar) at the Stone Crafter NPC. There you can also purchase Mallet and Chisel. After you've read the first book you can mine for Granite. It will drop together with the ore you are mining (you have to adjust the settings on your shovel or pickaxe!). Once you have ordinary Granite you use the Mallet and Chisel to craft Rough Stones (one Granite gives one Rough Stone).

Race Bonus

If you want to skill and use Imbuing a Gargoyle is strongly recommended because they receive a race bonus on that skill!

Related Skills

Skills that are recommended or very helpful in Imbuing are: Inscription, Magery, Arms Lore, Alchemy, Mysticism

How Imbuing works

This is a small paragraph and manual how you imbue an item step by step. In our example you will apply "Hit Mana Leech" on a weapon. You put the recommended materials (in this case Rough Stone, Crystals of Poison, Magical Residues, Sapphires, Void Orbs) in your backpack. Then you doubleclick the Soul Forge you use or doubleclick the Imbuing Skill. A menu will open, you choose "Hit Mana Leech" and the intensity you want to achieve, then you confirm. If you succeed, the Rough Stone will transform into a "Hit Mana Leech" rune. To apply it on the weapon doubleclick the rune and then click on your weapon. The used materials are gone now. If you fail in making the rune, you will lose some of your materials. You cannot fail when you apply a rune on an item! Before you confirm your Imbuing in the menu you can check your success chances on the left side of the menu! The chances depend on your skill, race and the type of Soul Forge you are using.

Ratings and Rune Slots

Every imbuable item on Pandora has a base rating that shows you if it is imbued and if so, how high the imbued intensities are. The higher the intensities are and the more properties are imbued on an item the higher the rating will be. If you imbue an item the rating of it will raise. Every single Imbuing Property raises the rating of the item. If an item is imbued to a certain intensity/rating, it cannot be imbued any further because the cap is reached or you imbued it slightly under the cap. Every property you imbue on an item does not only take rating, it also takes one rune slot, shown on the item. If you reach the max slots an item has, you cannot imbue it any further. There are crafted or looted items and artifacts that already have properties. These take ratings and rune slots. If you don't want the properties on one of those items or arties you can unravel these properties (see below) to get a "clean space" of 0 Runes and 0 Rating. The color of an item name shows you the (imbued) intensity, starting with the lowest they are: grey, white, green, red, purple, pink, orange.


Every imbuable item on Pandora has also a "Tier". A tier allows you to enhance the maximum rating and rune slots an item has. One Tier will give you one Rune Slot and more maximum rating over the base cap an item comes with. Example: You imbued an armpr piece with full rating and 10 Rune Slots. You get Tier One, so you get more rating and one more rune slot. This means you are able to imbue one more property on the item, if the rating allows it, because you earned one more slot. You get a Tier by killing monsters. For every Tier you need a certain amount of experience points (XP): If you reach this amount your item has Tier One and when you reach the next amount, it has Tier Two and so on. The amount of XP and Tiers are shown on every imbuable item. Every monster on Pandora gives you a certain amount of XP when you kill it. This amount will be applied on each of the items you are wearing (not those in your backpack!). You get the full amount on each of the items! If you are in party killing monsters the XP will split on every party member. This also affects when someone is close to you and kills the same monster. The person who does the highest damage gets the most XP (this affects fights vs harder monsters more than vs small monsters, the exact formula is not known to the author!).

Imbuing Properties, Materials, Imbuing Menu

If you doubleclick your skill or a soulforge the Imbuing menu will open and you can click through all categories and properties, check the needed materials and their quantity, depending on the intensity of the property. The menu will show you: 1) The materials and the amounts you need 2) The UO Expansion that is recommended 3) Your success chance, depending on the intensity of the property, your skill and race 4) The item types that can get the enhancements (Not every item can have every property!) 5) The Rating the property will consume You may also check the list down below.


A special Imbuing Material, introduced with Pandora's Publish 49, are the crystals. You need them for every property you want to imbue, from 1 to 3 of the same crystal type, depending on the intensity of the property. There are different types of Crystals: Crystal of Earth, Crystal of Energy, Crystal of Water, Crystal of Poison and Crystal of Fire. Every monster on Pandora has the chance to drop one or more of these crystals. The drop rate is higher on Felucca Facets! The type of crystal you find in the loot of a monster depends on the type of damage a monster does: Crystal of Earth = Physical Damage Crystal of Energy = Energy Damage Crystal of Water = Cold Damage Crystal of Poison = Poison Damage Crystal of Fire = Fire Damage

This does not mean that Elementals would have a better drop chance than other monsters. It really depends on the damagetype of a monster. You can check the type of damage a monster does by dragging your cursor on the monster. If a monster does 25% damage of a certain element the drop chance of that crystal is 25%, IF a crystal drops! You can get crystals also by Unraveling or Transmutation (see below).

Example: A monster does 75% Physical Damage and 25% Energy Damage. If you are lucky and a crystal drops, the chance for it to be a Crystal of Earth is 75% or 25% for a Crystal of Energy.


Another way to get crystals is "Transmutation", based on Imbuing and Alchemy skill. With Transmutation you can transform crystals into other crystal types or other imbuing materials into crystals. You need a tool for this, called "Inverter". You can puchase it at an Alchemist! Doubleclick the Inverter and a menu will open. There you can decide if you want to transform crystals into another type of crystal or transform Relic Fragments and Magical Residues into a special crystal type (you also need a certain amount of mana which will regenerate after the attempt). To create one crystal of an element you need 5 of another element. To create one crystal of an element with Relic Fragments and Magical Residue the amount of Relics and Residues depends on the success chance you want to achieve. The higher your success chance should be the more Relics and Residues you need (up to 20 Relics and 20 Residues). You can check your success chances and the needed materials and crystals the same way as in the Imbuing Menu! For using Transmutation you need to stand close to a heat source, for example a regular forge (as used in blacksmithy).


This is one of the most secure ways to obtain Imbuing Materials of any kind. You need the Rune Chisel and Rough Stones to unravel items. When you unravel an item you get a certain amount of Imbuing Materials, dropping in your backpack. There are three ways of Unraveling: 1) You can unravel a complete item. Therefore you doubleclick the Rune Chisel and create an Item Unravelling Rune. You doubleclick the rune and click the item you want to unravel. The item will be completely destroyed and you get a random amount of different materials back. 2) You can unravel a complete item also within the crafting menu: Therefore you check the option "Unravel" in the crafting menu (highlighted green). You will unravel all items you craft without the possibility to get the crafted items. Meaning: The materials will drop automatically in your backpack! 3) You can unravel specific properties on an item to receive the materials you'd need to imbue the same property (or property of this type). Therefore you doubleclick the rune chisel and chose the property on the left side of the menu to create the specific unravel rune. Doubleclick the rune and you receive the materials with the property removed.

  • Limits / Caps, Tiers not included
    • Spell-Books: Rating: 6,000 - Runes: 5
    • Talisman: Rating: 6,000 - Runes: 5
    • Shields: Rating: 6,000 - Runes: 5
    • Armor: Rating: 11,000 - Runes: 10
    • Clothing: Rating: 6,000 - Runes: 5
    • Jewellery: Rating: 11,000 - Runes: 10
    • Ranged Weapons: Rating: 11,000 - Runes: 10
    • Meleé Weapons: Rating: 11,000 - Runes: 10
  • Ignored zero-rated properties
    • Night Sight
    • Luck
    • Increased Karma Loss
    • Battle Lust
    • Blood Drinker
    • Lower Stat Requirements
    • Hit Fatigue
    • Hit Curse
    • Hit Mana Drain
    • Self Repair
    • Durability Bonus
    • Mage Armor
    • Reactive Paralyze
    • Soul Charge
    • TierXP Increase


Here is a list of all of the things you can imbue onto your items (material cost given is for the maximum value you can imbue). You find the needed Crystals at the end of each category, for they are vital to each property and very rare!


LuckMagical Residue-5Citrine-10Chaga Mushroom-10armor/weapons/jewels/clothing/spell books/shields/talismans/quiversCrystal of Energy-3
Night SightMagical Residue-5Tourmaline-10Bottle of Ichor-10armor/jewels/spell books/talismans/shields/clothing/quiversCrystal of Energy-3
Enhance PotionsEnchanted Essence-5Citrine-10Crushed glass-10jewels/spell booksCrystal of Energy-3
Bonus HealingGreater Healing Potion-5Emerald-10Essence of Feelingspell books/talismans/clothing/quiversCrystal of Poison-3
Craft Success BonusEnchanted Essence-5Diamond-10Relic Fragment-10talismans/jewelsCrystal of Earth-3


Spell ChannelingMagical Residue-5Diamond-10Silver Snake Skin-10weapons and shieldsCrystal of Energy-3
FCRelic Fragment-5Ruby-10Essence of Achievement-10weapons/jewels/shield/spell books/talismansCrystal of Energy-3
Mage ArmorEnchanted Essence-5Diamond-10Abyssal Cloth-10Armor onlyCrystal of Energy-3
SDIEnchanted Essence-5Emerald-10Crystal Shards-10jewels/spell books/talismansCrystal of Energy-3
LRCMagical Residue-5Amber-10Fairy Dust-10jewels/spell books/armor/clothing/talismans/quiversCrystal of Energy-3
LMCRelic Fragment-5Tourmaline-10Essence of Order-10jewels/armor/spell books/talismansCrystal of Energy-3
FCRRelic Fragment-5Amethyst-10Essence of Diligence-10jewels/spell books/talismansCrystal of Energy-3
Mage WeaponEnchanted Essence-5Emerald-10Arcanic Runestone-10weaponsCrystal of Energy-3
Faster Ethereal CastingRelic Fragment-5Essence of Persistence-10Magical Residue-10spell books/talismans/shields/armor/clothing/jewels/weapons/quiversCrystal of Energy-5


DIEnchanted Essence-5Citrine-10Crystal Shards-10weapons/jewels/talismans/quiversCrystal of Fire-3
SSIRelic Fragment-5Tourmaline-10Essence of Controlweapons/jewels/quiversCrystal of Fire-3
HCIRelic Fragment-5Amber-10Essence of Precision-10weapons/jewels/talismans/quiversCrystal of Fire-3
UBWEnchanted Essence-5Amber-10Delicate Scales-10weaponsCrystal of Fire-3
Critical Hit Chance IncreaseRelic Fragment-5Void Orb-10Magical Residueclothing/spell books/talismans/shields/armor/jewels/weapons/quiversCrystal of Fire-3
Threat IncreaseMagical Residue-5Void Orb-10Essence of Control-10clothing/spell books/talismans/shields/armor/jewels/weapons/quiversCrystal of Fire-3
AccuracyRelic Fragment-5Nox Crystals-10Essence of Precision-10clothingCrystal of fire-3


DCIRelic Fragment-5Tourmaline-10Essence of Singularity-10weapons/jewels/shieldCrystal of Earth-3
RPDMagical Residue-5Citrine-10Reflective Wolf Eye-10armor/shields/quiversCrystal of Earth-3
ResilienceRelic Fragment-5Essence of Persistence-10Magical Residue-10talismans/shields/armor/jewels/quiversCrystal of Earth-3
EvasionRelic Fragment-5Diamond-10Essence of Control-10talismans/clothing/quiversCrystal of Energy-3
PerceptionRelic Fragment-5Diamond-10Essence of Diligencetalismans/clothing/quiversCrystal of Energy-3


HPREnchanted Essence-5Tourmaline-10Seeds of Renewal-10spell books/talismans/armorCrystal of Earth-3
MREnchanted Essence-5Sapphire-10Seeds of Renewal-10spell books/talismans/armorCrystal of Water-3
SREnchanted Essence-5Diamond-10Seeds of Renewal-10spell books/talismans/armorCrystal of Energy-3


DexEnchanted Essence-5Diamond-10Fire Ruby-10jewels/spell books/talismansCrystal of Energy-3
IntEnchanted Essence-5Tourmaline-10Turquoise-10jewels/spell books/talismansCrystal of Water-3
StrEnchanted Essence-5Ruby-10Blue Diamond-10jewels/spell books/talismanCrystals of Earth-3
HPIEnchanted Essence-5Ruby-10Luminescent Fungi-10spell books/talismans/armor/quiversCrystal of Earth-3
MIEnchanted Essence-5Sapphire-10Luminescent Fungi-10spell books/talismans/armor/quiversCrystal of Water-3
SIEnchanted Essence-5Diamond-10Luminescent Fungi-10spell books/talismans/armor/quiversCrystal of Energy-3


DispelEnchanted Essence-5Emerald-10Parasitic Plants-10weaponsCrystal of Energy-3
FireballEnchanted Essence-5Ruby-10Fire Ruby-10weaponsCrystal of Fire-3
HarmEnchanted Essence-5Emerald-10Parasitic plant-10weaponsCrystal of Earth-3
LightningEnchanted Essence -5Amethyst-10Essence of Passion-10weaponsCrystal of Energy-3
Life LeechMagical Residue-5Ruby-10Void orb-10weaponsCrystal of Poison-3
Mana LeechMagical Residue-5Sapphire-10Void orb-10weaponsCrystal of Poison-3
Stamina LeechMagical Residue-5Diamond-10Void orb-10weaponsCrystal of Poison-3
Lower AttackEnchanted Essence-5Emerald-10Parasitic plant-10weaponsCrystal of Poison-3
Lower DefenseEnchanted Essence-5Tourmaline-10Parasitic plant-10weaponsCrystal of Poison-3
Magic ArrowRelic Fragment-5Amber-10Essence of Feeling-10weaponsCrystal of Energy-3
ColdMagical Residue-5Sapphire-10Raptor Teeth-10weaponsCrystal of Water-3
EnergyMagical Residue-5Amethyst-10Raptor Teeth-10weaponsCrystal of Energy-3
FireMagical Residue-5Ruby-10Raptor Teeth-10weaponsCrystal of Fire-3
PhysicalMagical Residue-5Diamond-10Raptor Teeth-10weaponsCrystal of Earth-3
PoisonMagical Residue-5Emerald-10Raptor Teeth-10weaponsCrystal of Poison-3


VelocityRelic Fragment-5Tourmaline-10Essence of Direction-10ranged weaponsCrystal of Energy-3
BalancedRelic Fragment-5Amber-10Essence of Balance-10ranged weaponsCrystal of Water-3


ColdMagical Residue-5Sapphire-10Boura pelt-10weapons/armor/jewels/shieldsCrystal of Water-3
EnergyMagical Residue-5Amethyst-10Boura pelt-10weapons/armor/jewels/shieldsCrystal of Energy-3
FireMagical Residue-5Ruby-10Boura pelt-10weapons/armor/jewels/shieldsCrystal of Fire-3
PhysicalMagical Residue-5Diamond-10Boura pelt-10weapons/armor/jewels/shieldCrystal of Earth-3
PoisonMagical Residue-5Emerald-10Boura pelt-10weapons/armor/jewels/shieldsCrystal of Poison-3


Arachnid DoomRelic Fragment-5Ruby-10Spider Carapace-10weapons/spell booksCrystal of Poison-3
Blood DrinkingMagical Residue-5Emerald-10White Pearl-10weapons/spell booksCrystal of Water-3
Dragon SlayingMagical Residue-5Emerald-10White Pearl-10weapons/spell booksCrystal of Poison-3
Earth ShatterMagical Residue-5Emerald-10White Pearl-10weapons/spell booksCrystal of Earth-3
Elemental BanMagical Residue-5Ruby-10Vial of Vitriol-10weapons/spell booksCrystal of Energy-3
Elemental HealthMagical Residue-5Emerald-10White Pearl-10weapons/spell booksCrystal of Energy-3
ExorcismMagical Residue-5Ruby-10Undying Flesh-10weapons/spell booksCrystal of Energy-3
Flame DousingMagical Residue-5Emerald-10White Pearl-10weapons/spell booksCrystal of Water-3
Gargoyle's FoeMagical Residue-5Emerald-10White Pearl-10weapons/spell booksCrystal of Water-3
Lizardman SlaughterMagical Residue-5Emerald-10White Pearl-10weapons/spell booksCrystal of Fire-3
Ogre ThrashingMagical Residue-5Emerald-10White Pearl-10weapons/spell booksCrystal of Earth-3
OphidianMagical Residue-5Emerald-10White Pearl-10weapons/spell booksCrystal of Fire-3
Orc SlayingMagical Residue-5Emerald-10White Pearl-10weapons/spell booksCrystal of Earth-3
RepondMagical Residue-5Ruby-10Goblin Blood-10weapons/spell booksCrystal of Energy-3
Reptilian DeathMagical Residue-5Ruby-10Lava Serpent Crust-10weapons/spell booksCrystal of Poison-3
Scorpion's BaneMagical Residue-5Emerald-10White Pearl-10weapons/spell booksCrystal of Water-3
SilverMagical Residue-5Emerald-10White Pearl-10weapons/spell booksCrystal of Energy-3
Snake's BaneMagical Residue-5Emerald-10White Pearl-10weapons/spell booksCrystal of Fire-3
Spider's DeathMagical Residue-5Emerald-10White Pearl-10weapons/spell booksCrystal of Poison-3
Summer WindMagical Residue-5Emerald-10White Pearl-10weapons/spell booksCrystal of Fire-3
TerathanMagical Residue-5Emerald-10White Pearl-10weapons/spell booksCrystal of Fire-3
Troll SlaughterMagical Residue-5Emerald-10White Pearl-10weapons/spell booksCrystal of Earth-3
VacuumMagical Residue-5Emerald-10White Pearl-10weapons/spell booksCrystal of Energy-3
Water DissipationMagical Residue-5Emerald-10White Pearl-10weapons/spell booksCrystal of Water-3

Slayer Types (List)

Arachnid DoomArachnid Slayer
Blood DrinkingBlood Elemental Slayer
Dragon SlayingDragon Slayer
Earth ShatterEarth Elemental Slayer
Elemental BanElemental Slayer
Elemental HealthPoison Elemental Slayer
ExorcismDemon Slayer
Flame DousingFire Elemental Slayer
Gargoyle's FoeGargoyle Slayer
Lizardman SlaughterLizardman Slayer
Ogre ThrashingOgre Slayer
OphidianOphidian Slayer
Orc SlayingOrc Slayer
RepondRepond Slayer
Reptilian DeathReptile Slayer*
Scorpion's BaneScorpion Slayer
SilverUndead Slayer
Snake's BaneSnake Slayer
Spider's DeathSpider Slayer
Summer WindSnow Elemental Slayer
TerathanTerrathan Slayer
Troll SlaughterTroll Slayer
VacuumAir Elemental Slayer
Water DissipationWater Elemental Slayer

For more information continue here: Basic Imbuing


SDIspell damage increase
DIdamage increase
FCfaster casting
FCRfaster cast recovery
HCIhit chance increase
DCIdefense chance increase
HPR/MR/SRhealth, mana and stamina regeneration
HPI/MI/SIhealth, mana and stamina increase
LRClower reagent cost
LMClower mana cost
SSIswing speed increase
UBWuse best weapon
RPDreflect physical damage

Example items:

Special Thanks to:

Michael Dean for writing the charts. great job and well done!
Updated to Publish 48 By Emerist with the use of Vorspire's patch notes. Updated to Publish 49 by Tys.

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