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Your first steps into our magical world. '''Pandora'''.

There are several items that you begin with as a new player in Pandora: A Skill Codex for 3 Skills at 75, a Stat Ball, an Ethereal Horse Statuette, a Pet Resources Bag, a Spells and Casting Bag, a Deed to a New Citizen House, New Citizen Gold, a 90% Lower Reagent Cost Armor Bag and a Crafting Kit.

a Skill Codex
a book that will instantly give you any 3 skills at 75. We recommend choosing 2 of them for Imbuing and Animal Taming

a Stat Ball
a ball that will allow you to choose your Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, with an overall cap of 305

an Ethereal Horse Statuette
A statuette in backpack, blessed for the user, you double click to mount it
Then double click yourself to get off. The statuette will now be in your bag

a Pet Resource Bag
a bag that contains a glass city kitsune idol, a pack llama idol, and a shrink potion, 20 uses
The two idols are pets, glass city kitsune will help you fight while the pack llama
will hold items for you in its pack. Both pets are bonded, and you can shrink them
with the shrink potion to make them idols in your backpack again.

a Spells and Casting Bag
A bag that comes with all complete spellbooks, Spellbook, necromancer spellbook,
book of chivalry, book of bushido, book of ninjitsu, and necessary reagent bags,
bag of reagents, and bag of necro reagents

a Deed to a New Citizen House
a deed that you double click then place a small house, be sure its where you
want it to be when you click, you can’t pick it back up

A 90% Lower Reagent Cost Armor Bag
A bag containing armor pieces with lower reagent cost equaling 90%
you will get armor according to race, elf/human and then if gargoyle you will get a gargoyle set

New Citizen Gold
You can spend this currency as if it were regular gold at all vendors and vendor stones,
only this gold is blessed which means the player won’t lose it, and this gold can’t be changed
into platinum, checks, banked or trade to another player. but the two stacks of 50,000gp have a
weight of one stone each.

Crafting Kit
Inside the chest you find a bag called "Imbuing Craft Kit":
You will have a portable Soul Forge with 250 uses, a Rune Chisel with 250 uses, an Inverter with 250 uses, 25 Rough Stones and 5 crystals of each type.
For more informations on Imbuing check this guide: Imbuing Guide

Now that you’re all setup lets continue:

You will be stepping into what we all know as Insula for your first time.
Here you will see the bank behind you, a public moongate in front of you.
To the North-East are training elementals, and a pet training dragon, these
will not harm you, only help you train you and your pets skills. In the area with the
training elementals are spawning on the ground weapons for all combat skills but archery
that can be used by anyone for training or just a good starting weapon. There is a donation
box here to that will have a little of everything in it all sorted by type into back packs.
Feel free to take what will help you and leave what you don't want but maybe helpful to others.
This box is useable by all player young and old. Info on player commands can be found at the
player commands page or by using [mycommands.

Elemental Training Area

New Player Dungeon
Maybe you want to be harmed, or at least given a little challenge
well, you're in the right area, head east from the training elemantals to a little building
with stairs in it. Go down the stairs, follow the path until you reach the new player dungeon.
nothing can attack you while you are young. you can attack and then be attacked by that
creature or mob. Once in the dungeon, monsters are sorted by toughness, and color coded,
there will be signs around to help you.

Welcome to the new player dungeon! You’re on your own here, good luck!

Beginner Training Weapons

Glass City BroadswordGlass City KryssGlass City Hammerpick
Glass City BroadswordGlass City KryssGlass City Hammerpick
Glass City Gargish KryssGlass City Gargish Bone HarvesterGlass City Soul Glaive
Glass City Gargish KryssGlass City Girgish Bone HarvesterGlass City Soul Glaive
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